How do I build an active lifestyle around eating pie?

This is a great question! The above picture actually points to the answer quite nicely. There is one missing thing that seems to be causing a whole lot of trouble for the pie consumer….. Have you figured it out yet? Balance!

If you look closely, you’ll notice that pie itself is not dubiously inclined. In fact, look how attentive and concerned pie is to the needs of the eater. Pie really means well. No, pie is not evil, but the real villain here seems to be the disproportion between the eater and the pie. The mass of the eater and the mass of the pie are clearly not balanced and thus, since we know that seesaws don’t lie, the eater is thrown into a regrettable situation. The eater will probably blame pie for her problems now.

So, now the question is, how does the eater establish balance with pie? Well the first and most obvious answer here is: Remove some pie.

“Hold on just a minute”, you say, “I don’t want to remove any pie from my life!”. Don’t worry, I thought you might say that. The other alternative to removing pie to create balance on the seesaw, is adding substance to the eater’s side of the equation!

The substance I’m talking about here is exercise.

That’s right, exercise can give you the freedom to seesaw with pie. There are other things to consider of course, such as the quality of the pie ingredients, the eating habits surrounding the pie consumption, etc. But, the most influential lifestyle change to consider when you love pie is exercise.

Now, I’m not talking about just any exercise. Have you ever seen the guys at the gym who show up to bench press for 30 minutes and never lose the beer belly? ( Your Daily Q and A- Sarcasm edition #2 will tackle “How to build an active lifestyle around beer) If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with pie, you have to be willing to sweat. To sweat, your heart rate must be elevated. For those of you that love cardio, this is an easy ask. 30 minutes on the stair climber, a 3 mile jog, or a good lap swim session can balance out your teeter totter with pie. But what if you want to work out with weights? What if picking up heavy things excites you and cardio is your arch nemesis?

Don’t worry, we can get your heart rate up! You need to be willing to change your mindset a bit. For pie’s sake, stop isolating muscle groups in the gym. For example, instead of a seated single arm bicep curl, try a standing single leg alternating bicep curl to press. Instead of a bench press, try a single arm dumbbell bench press on a swiss ball. Here are a few quick hacks to burn more calories and elevate your heart rate during a weight lifting session:

  1. Stand instead of sitting.

  2. Add instability to the exercise. (Staggered stance, single limb, bosu, balance pad, swiss ball, etc)

  3. Choose compound exercises instead of isolating. (A compound exercise moves more than one joint or uses multiple muscle groups. For ex: a plank with leg lifts instead of an ab curl machine)

The point is, get your heart rate up! Start with a routine you can actually maintain, like 3x a week. Notice your balance with pie shifting when you take care of your body!

Warning: As you become accustomed to your exercise routine, you may start to enjoy, even love it. This may lead to a natural cessation of pie cravings, simply because your body may crave healthier things instead. Don’t worry! Pie will always be there when you need it.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of “Your daily Q and A”. Tag me in your pictures with pie! @fully_freely

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